A Strong Legal Defense When You Need It The Most

A criminal accusation is a high-stakes event that must be handled with care. The actions you take now will significantly affect your future, your finances and even your freedom. If you have been accused of committing a crime in Arkansas, TS Branch Law Firm PLLC in Conway is here to provide you with the strong defense representation you need.

With more than 15 years of experience, criminal defense lawyer Tabatha S. Branch knows how to fight criminal charges and knows how to win. She defends clients in Faulkner County and throughout the North Little Rock area against a broad range of felony and misdemeanor charges. The firm serves clients from the entire North Little Rock, Arkansas, area, including Little Rock and Morrilton and surrounding communities, handling cases such as:

  • Drunk driving (DUI/DWI)
  • Drug charges
  • Theft
  • Traffic violations
  • Assault, murder and other violent crimes
  • Weapons offenses (firearm and gun crimes)
  • White collar crimes (embezzlement, fraud, etc.)
  • Probation violations
  • Juvenile offenses

The sooner you talk to a knowledgeable defense lawyer, the better your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome. The prosecution is already building a case against you. You don't want to play catch-up when your future is on the line.

Ease Your Mind And Talk To A Proven Defense Lawyer Today

If you have been charged with a crime, you likely have a lot on your mind right now. Will this affect my job? Will my family find out? Will I go to jail? Remember, you are innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of the law. This is not the time to panic. It is the time to talk to a defense lawyer who knows how to get results.

To discuss your criminal law case with an experienced lawyer in Conway, Arkansas, contact attorney Tabatha S. Branch online or by telephone at 501-753-4167 or 501-329-5555. We serve the entire North Little Rock, Arkansas, area, including Little Rock, Morrilton and surrounding communities.