Stuck With A Lemon? You Have Rights.

Is your new car in the shop again? Does it always seem to be breaking down, even though you were promised it was free from defects?

The bad news: You might have a lemon on your hands. The good news: You have legal recourse at your disposal.

TS Branch Law Firm PLLC represents consumers who have been mistreated by auto dealerships in Conway and throughout the North Little Rock area and surrounding Arkansas communities such as Little Rock and Morrilton.

Lemon Laws In Arkansas

Arkansas lemon laws cover cars, trucks and other motor vehicles that are licensed, purchased or leased in Arkansas and used primarily for transportation on public roads. The laws exclude mopeds, motorcycles and the living areas of mobile homes.

How do you know if your vehicle is covered under Arkansas lemon laws? Generally, the law covers vehicles that are defected to the point that:

  • Use of the vehicle is significantly impaired
  • The market value is substantially decreased
  • The safety of the vehicle is compromised

The law is designed to protect consumers from unscrupulous auto dealers. The laws may not apply if it can be shown that the defect is the result of misuse such as an accident, neglectful maintenance or unauthorized modifications.

Attorney Tabatha Branch is well-versed in Arkansas lemon laws and can help you pursue every recourse available under the law. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to obtain a refund on your vehicle purchase, compensation for vehicle repair or replacement, reimbursement for rental vehicle and other damages.

Talk To A Lawyer About Your Lemon Law Claim

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