Standing Up For Buyers In Auto Dealer Fraud Claims

Most auto dealers deal honestly with their customers, but a few unscrupulous ones make the car shopping experience a financial hazard.

If you are dealing with a lemon or have suffered due to any type of auto dealer fraud in Arkansas, you are protected by the law.

To make the law work for you, enlist the services of Tabatha S. Branch at TS Branch Law Firm PLLC. Ms. Branch has more than 15 years of experience standing up for the rights of consumers. She serves clients in Conway and the entire North Little Rock, Arkansas, area, including Little Rock and surrounding communities such as Morrilton.

Is This Fraud?

Cars break down. Warranties expire. Bad things happen with cars. How do you know when a problem with your car is the result of auto dealer fraud?

Generally, fraud occurs when a dealer deceives a buyer or fails to disclose a defect such as a major mechanical issue. Fraud also occurs when a dealer presents a vehicle as having a clean title when it does not.

The damage suffered by car buyers in such situations can be significant. If you try to sell your car only to find it has a salvage title, you could be losing out on thousands of dollars.

Arkansas consumer protection laws are designed to protect consumers from such types of fraud. Tabatha Branch will work with you personally to help you understand if your claim is actionable. If it is, she will handle all aspects of your auto dealer fraud claim and aggressively protect your rights in the legal system.

A Strong Advocate For Defrauded Car Buyers

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